Knee Care

The knee is a joint that unites the thigh with the rest of the leg and is a system of moving parts consisting of cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The knee is also a hinge that provides our body with the strength to run, squat, jump, and turn. However, the knee is vulnerable to a number of injuries and conditions because of its inability to rotate in every direction. To read more about knee conditions, click here.

At OrthoNorCal Orthopedic Specialists, our orthopedic knee surgeons have extensive education and training in performing specialized knee procedures. Common techniques our knee surgeons perform include total knee replacement, knee revision, total knee arthroplasty, partial knee arthroplasty, meniscal repair, ACL and PCL reconstruction, ligament repair and reconstruction, and cartilage repair and transplantation among many others. 

Knee Educational Articles

Tibial Osteotomy

What is a Tibial Osteotomy? During a tibial osteotomy, the surgeon removes a wedge shaped portion of the shin bone (tibia) to help compensate for a deformity in the knee joint. This deformity can cause the knee’s protective cartilage to wear on one side...

Torn Meniscus Overview

Introduction Injury to the meniscus of the knee is common and can occur in any age group. In younger people, the meniscus is fairly tough and rubbery, and a tear usually occurs as a result of a forceful twisting injury. As we age, the meniscus grows...

Prepatellar Bursitis

Anatomy A bursa is a sack made of thin, slippery tissue that helps reduce friction wherever skin, muscles, or tendons slide over bone. The prepatellar bursa is located between the front of the kneecap (patella) and the overlying skin. Causes In some cases,...

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