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Due to their dynamic nature, sports injuries require specialized methods of treatment. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high school, college, or professional athlete and sustain an injury, you need to see an orthopedic surgeon or specialist with the highest level of training and experience in sports medicine.

All of our Sports Medicine Specialists are Fellowship trained in Sports Medicine. They take a team approach, working closely with Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers, in helping you return to your favorite sports and activities. Our team is dedicated to restoring an array of sports injuries, including torn ligaments, damaged cartilage, joint instability, sprains, and fractures.

Our sports medicine surgeons and physical therapy specialists’ training and knowledge are focused on one single goal: getting you back in the game as swiftly and safely as possible.

The Sports Medicine Center At OrthoNorCal offers comprehensive sports medicine services which includes non-operative and surgical care, diagnostic imaging, and physical therapy.

  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • American Association for Hand Surgery
  • American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • The American Board of Pediatrics
  • North American Spine Society
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