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Christian Heywood, MD
Jeffrey Coe, MD

Shelley SnowdonSource :

Great service - everything was well explained to me and we discussed followups and strategies. Friendly staff and service too.

M PetersonSource :

My name is Mitchell L. Peterson. Dr. Coe has been my Orthopaedic Physician for the better part of the last decade. He is one of the most thorough professionals it has been my pleasure to encounter in the practice of medicine. He is thoughtful, considerate, generous and one of the most sought after and preferred surgeons in his field. He has performed three spinal procedures on me, all to overwhelming success.

William BeecherSource :

I had neck pain that was so bad I could hardly move. I could not turn my neck at all for almost a year. I tried every therapy my doctor would give me. I finally got referred to Dr. Coe. Within a few weeks he had a diagnosis and could take care of it quickly. I needed a fusion. I was frightened but at the same time, the pain was unbearable. Decision made... Surgery it was. Once I woke, I could feel that ALL the pain I had before was eliminated. NO PAIN MEDS NEEDED! wow....I was given my life back. Anybody whom has had debilitating pain in the back or neck can understand. I wanted to do cartwheels. I was instructed to hold off for a bit however... The hardest part is realizing I just had surgery. I hope this helps others with similar conditions to consider the surgery, and to consider Dr. Coe. Pain medications are not an answer to the problems. They instead cause a bunch more than they fix. I would go no other place.

Linda MorrisonSource :

Trying to work with workers comp city of San Jose, not to friendly. Ann is great, cute also. Dr. Coe could do more if the city didn't restrict him by not approving care. Otherwise happy with health and them.

Ed LaveroneSource :

I have had two neck surgeries by Dr. Coe. The first one in August of 2010 was a Bryan Artificial Disc at C6/C7. I woke up from the surgery with absolutely no pain, I have never had to take a single pain killer as a result. This surgery also extended the time that I would need C5/C6 replaced. Dr. Coe operated on me and completed a Bryan Disc replacing for C5/C6 and again I woke up with no real pain, no pain meds needed post surgery and the feeling back in both hands that had disappeared over the last two years. Dr. Coe is truly an amazing surgeon and talent.

I highly recommend him. Before my first surgery I did a lot of research on him with friends in the business. All of them, even other orthos, nurses, and MD's said if they had a choice and needed his services they would go to him, after two surgeries I understand why!

Susan TaigmanSource :

Leslina BellaSource :

There are no amount of words that could express my gratitude for Dr. Coe. His brilliance and gifted hands have given me back my life! I was in a car accident a little over 3 years ago and as a result I was left in everyday debilitating pain. I could no longer run, work, dance, garden or even be in a sitting position for longer than 30 minutes without losing sensation in my hip and leg. At first I was seeing another specialist (I will leave his name out) who kept bandaiding my pain by prescribing 3-4 heavy medications and a few litocane injections into my spine, none of which worked so I was left in pain with a "zombie mind" and now stomach issues on top. Afterwards I was told there was nothing else that could be done, until I went to see Dr. Coe.

From day one of meeting Dr. Coe I knew my life would change. He was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. He wanted to find the main source of pain and he did. I needed a spinal fusion, L-5, S-1 and a disc replacement.

It has been almost one year since my surgery and I'm a new person. I'm able to lift, dance , garden and experience life again! There is no more debilitating pain, no more burning sensations in my hip, no more numbness or sharpness down my leg. I'm pain free! All thanks to Dr. Coe and his amazing staff! I THANK YOU!!!

If you have an injury or are in constant pain, please don't think twice to schedule an appointment with Dr. Coe. It will be the best life changing decision you could make for yourself. Dr. Coe will give you your pain free life back!

Tara JamesSource :

I was injured at work and experiencing severe pain and numbness on my right side. Dr Coe performed two cervical spine surgeries on me and I was back to full duty within 6 months. He's an amazing surgeon and I would absolutely recommend him to all my friends/family. If you are looking for someone who is direct, honest, and very experienced, go see Dr. Coe! You wont be dissapointed, he really is the best.

David CazelSource :

I have been pain free since the day after surgery with Dr. Coe. I just had my 1 year follow up appointment.

Jim ClowSource :

I had a disc rupture at l4-l5 and was about to retire early due to the increasing pain level. I tried everything I could that was nonsurgical and nothing gave me any relief.

A specialist from my HMO told me I needed a spine fusion which had a 50/50 chance of success from the surgery. He also mentioned that this procedure would require additional surgery after 10 years.

I am very glad that I found Dr. Coe and that he was able to perform a XL-TDR procedure (disc replacement) which only has a five percent chance of surgery after 10 years. The surgery was done in less than an hour, with only a small scare over my right hip.

Dr. Coe is very thorough and precise. He answers all of my questions and stepped through every detail with my wife and I.

It has been three months since my surgery and I have been released to go back to work full time.

Brenna J LawrenceSource :

Dr. Jeffrey Coe is an excellent orthopedic physician. He is very knowledgeable and thorough and kind. Plus, his practice, (OrthoNorcal), had limited hours during the whole awful Novel Covid-19 Virus. I have been in severe back pain, (which extended down the back of my leg), for 2 months. He did x-rays; an MRI. And the physical therapy associated with his practice, (OrthoNorcal), is open. It is in the same building -upstairs. There were no other physical therapy offices open, (that I could find). The physical therapist is also very good. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Coe. I went to the same practice 4 and 1/2 years ago and another physician did a hip replacement for me. He was also excellent. Dr. Littlejohn is now retired.

Lester FernandezSource :

Dr. Coe Is a perfectionist in his practice. He'll make you feel at ease. He wants to make sure that you understand the procedures and surgeries. I had Severe neck and low back pain. I was barely able to get out of bed. After having cervical and lumbar fusion Performed by Dr. Coe. I'm back to doing the physical things I love to do. Going to the gym, riding bike , walking etc. I highly recommend Dr. Coe.

Ed Laverone in Twain Harte, CASource :

I have had two neck surgeries by Dr. Coe. The first one in August of 2010 was a Bryan Artificial Disc at C6/C7. I woke up from the surgery with absolutely no pain, In November of 2017,. Dr. Coe operated on me and completed a Bryan Disc replacing for C5/C6 and again I woke up with no pain, no pain meds needed post surgery and the feeling back in both hands. Dr Coe is amazing

Jeffrey Kanel, MD

Brina ClevettSource :

Dr. Kanel was great. He listened to all the symptoms my son had, and then checked him out and knew right away what was wrong with him. He had x-rays done in office so he could confirm immediately and get him the right care my son needed. Very thankful to have been recommended to Dr. Kanel.

Joe GSource :

The front staff was a little harried, but still efficient and professional. The nurse was very good, listened to us and took accurate notes of the problem we were concerned about. I can say that we had a very positive interaction with Dr. Kanel, he is an experienced pediatric orthopedic surgeon who asked his pediatric patient good diagnostic questions, while keeping the parents informed. Everything turned out well and I feel confident that if we needed the services of an orthopedic surgeon, we would select Dr. Kanel.

Manjunath RamachandraiahSource :

Dr. Kanel is very experienced and knowledgeable. I drove my 4 year old son more than 40+ miles for his appointment. I wish him all the best and may god shower his precious and gracious blessings on him so that he get more strength to serve the society!

Georgia HamiltonSource :

Dr. Kanel was very nice. My son's arm is healing nicely, and the office is well organized.

Michelle GamboaSource :

He is a great Doctor who knows what is best for his patients. Very informative and answered all my questions.

Adele ShepardSource :

Dr Kanel is an outstanding physician. He has all of the attributes I look for in a physician: experience, education, compassion, empathy, bedside manner, availability to patient, attentive listener plus he is very calming for an anxious patient such as me. His front office staff and assistants are very professional as is he. I am so very fortunate to have him as my orthopedist

Lisa SmithSource :

My daughter broke her finger doing cheer. Dr. Kanel explained her injury in detail, showed us the xray, and discussed the recommended method for healing. He is clearly knowledgable about her sport (I'm sure he sees many cheer related injuries)and asked her lots of questions about her role on the team and how she uses her hands to base her flyer. He then showed her how to wrap it to protect it once she's cleared to back to practice.

Becky CordovaSource :

I have been going to Dr. Kanel for years. He has seen all of my children. From skateboarding injuries to high school football accidents on the field. He is caring and through and he covers all of the bases. I highly recommend him.

Keith GarciaSource :

Excellent communicator, doesn’t rush the appointment, and a great surgeon. The whole office is great.

Suzanne CarrigSource :

Really liked Dr. Kanel - no nonsense, direct, nice to talk to. Office is great, everyone is super friendly and helpful. Saw us about 20 minutes late but that's okay as the waiting room is comfortable and everyone is nice.

Julie StreeteSource :

Always takes the time to understand what is going on with his patients. My son adores him and he's gotten him through knee surgery and other broken bones without a hitch. The staff is always friendly and the nurses are also very knowledgable. Would recommend highly.

Andrew McLennanSource :

Dr Kanel is completely awesome. Excellent with info, great bedside manner, fantastic care.

silvia rodriguezSource :

Very good service in general, very busy but excellent staff

Donna MosichSource :

Dr. Kanel spent a great deal of time talking with my daughter about what was causing her back pain. She is a competitive gymnast and wanted to keep doing gymnastics. After doing a scan and determining that she had no spine or bone injuries or issues, he spoke with her patiently and candidly about what she could do to continue doing gymnastics. I liked his calm and thorough manner and did not find him at all rushed. In addition, his office staff was professional and courteous and very helpful.

Luisa RapportSource :

We have seen Dr. Kanel twice over the years for two injuries. He has always been incredible with my children and his knowledge and expertise is always apparent. I wouldn't take my children anywhere else.

Erica GatesSource :

I used to see Dr Kanel as a kid and now my daughter recently saw him. He is just as kind and attentive to kids as he was before.

Charmine BunkerSource :

Absolutely 100% satisfied with Dr. Kanel and his staff so pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. I will never be able to thank them enough for all they have done for me.

MarquisSource :

Very thorough.....and very honest in his recommendation and diagnosis.

Nigel B GriffinSource :

Very professional and easy to talk to.

Dan Hogan in Campbell, CASource :

Dr. Kanel performed a procedure back in 1995 to straighten and lengthen my femur 1 inch. I had no complications from surgery and the procedure added years to the life of my knee and hip.

Kevin Murray, MD
Michael Nuzzo, MD
Molly Massih, MD, Q.M.E.

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Nathaniel Cohen, MD
Nicholas Abidi, MD
Randall Seago, MD

Nancy DoughertySource :

Top notch Dr. Gives you abundant information. You can trust him with your life.

Elena SavageSource :

Dr. Seago best. Very attentive, competent doctor. Only he could help me.

Stanley WongSource :

Dr Seago is the best doctor I have experienced. I am a retired physician myself and I had a worsening pain in my right hip. The orthopedic surgeon I was seeing insisted i had a hip problem. We wasted a lot of time going through several sessions of physical therapy, MRI of my back and steroid injections of my hip and the pain got worse every day. It finally got to the point that my right foot was numb and i was beginning to develop a foot drop on my right side when I first saw Dr Seago. He took a look at the MRI I got from the first physician and immediately diagnosed my condition as a bone cyst in my L5 nerve root. Further more he was so concerned with my rapidly worsening nerve functions and scheduled me for removal of the cyst in 6 days. I felt the pain relief immediately upon the recovery of anesthesia and subsequently had a total return of all the functions in my right leg.

Rich StephensSource :

Dr Seago is very calm, professional and caring. He communicates well and his work is excellent. The office manager, LuAnn, and staff at Nor Cal Orthopedic Specialists are very pleasant and helpful as well. What a great experience! Extremely highly recommended!

John FishSource :

I had been suffering from siatic nerve pain on the back of my legs for years. 40 years of bending over repairing cars had done me in. Was considering going for full disability. Met with Dr. Seago and he recommended a MRI and after his review he told me he cold help me out with a spinal lamanictomy surgery And a Coflex device for support. Anyway without getting into details I am nine months post surgery and Feel like a 30 year old again. I am 58 and would recommend Dr. Seago as he really a great Doctor is very personal Explains everything.

M DSource :

Dr. Seago operated on a herniated disk in my lower back. The herniated disc caused pain to run down my left leg. It became debilitating to the degree that I could only walk about 15 minutes before I had to stop from the pain.

Apparently in many cases back surgery is a poor choice which can make things worse. Dr. Seago explained that in my case, the relationship of the problem to the pain was very clear, and the procedure was straightforward

The operation consisted of going through my lower back in a minimally invasive manner, and cutting the piece of spinal disc "jelly" which was pressing directly on the nerve.

Dr. Seago explained the risks and possible outcomes, such as there being a 5% chance of this recurring, because the disk would still remain herniated, and he explained the next steps in case that happened. He said that because of the pressure on the nerve, the outcome can be unpredictable after the pressure is relieved.

I'm glad to say the procedure was successful so far. Nearly 5 years later I have occasional pain once in a while down my leg, I didn't get 100% recovery, closer to 99%. These occasional pains are negligible when compared with the condition I was in. After non-surgical attempts failed, Dr. Seago's operation allowed me to walk again when I was facing disability.

My situation was a clear case for surgery, but from what I understand many cases are not. I found Dr. Seago to be forthright and thorough in his explanations and counsel.

Robert Cagle, MD

W.H.Source :

This was the best experience I’ve ever had visiting a doctor! Dr. Cagle understood my knee problems within a few minutes and gave me multiple options right away. I now can walk without pain for the first time since I injured my knee-and it turns out I didn’t need surgery. I am so grateful for his care. I rarely write reviews, but I felt compelled to put this recommendation out. Thank you, Dr. Cagle.

Source :

i knew i had hip issues and dr. cagle explaned all the ins and outs of surgery in a way that was both easy and detailed. my hip replacement could not have been more successful i am walking unassisted in about 10 days.

Ann G Munro in Beaverton, ORSource :

Dr. Cagle is going to be the next Best hip surgeon in the country for anterior hip replacements, I am predicting. He is smart, has lots of Charisma, great bedside manner, positive, confident; he has the newest training tecniques and education with joint repacements, backing that with experience. On top of that he is cute. Lastly, He explains everything in detail, giving explanations and reasoning, so one will understand the diagnosis, and the solution to the problem. Sincerely, Ann G Munro

Ronald Joseph, MD

Suzanne FreySource :

"Loved it" might sound like an odd rating, but Dr. Joseph wowed me for his focus and ability to get a tough job done seemingly seamlessly. Pay not attention to his semi-Colombo-like nature, lack of small talk, and perhaps the fact that you might wait hours to see him in his office --once he's there, he's all business, deep focus, and it's clear that he has a legacy of successes behind him. Dr. Joseph moved quickly to make important elbow surgery happen for me. So far, so good. Thank you -- I hope I don't have to have surgery again, but if I did, I'd go back.

Sandeep Gidvani, MD

Tina SSource :

Dr. Gidvani was prompt, his thought processes about my condition were clear, he took the time to listen to my situation, my history and my thoughts about the upcoming surgery. Both times my visits with him have been exemplary.

Antonieta AmaranteSource :

My husband Frank had back issues wee consult Dr. Gidvani , can't not express in words his patience,understanding, carrying, and countless hours with us . Never been pressured to make a decision. Thank you for so much, my God always guide and protect you. Sincerely your patient Frank B. Amarante..

Greg WarrickSource :

From the first visit, Dr. Gidvani was articulate, informative. When it came to making a medical decision as to which course of action to take, Dr. gave me all the alternatives and let me make the final decision. He performed surgery on my back which was successful, we met each day in the hospital along with subsequent visits in his office.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gidvani for any spinal issues or conditions you may be experiencing, good luck!!

Rhonda TalbertSource :

Very caring made me understand everything before I left.and tried to get my surgery done in a timely matter

Pierre CSource :

I highly recommend Dr Gidvani. I had pretty bad back pain due to a herniated disc. After an MRI, Dr Gidvani explained my options very well and recommended a microscopic decompression. He did the surgery 10 days later and 4 days after I was able to attend an important conference for work. I was a bit tired but had no back pain. After doing PT I resumed running and I'm training for a 100K race with no back pain whatsoever. I am thankful to Dr Gidvani every day.

Source :

Doctor is clear, concise, and very thorough with his explanations. Took his time to understand the issues I was having and offered me a clear set of options and helped me make my treatment decision.

Mike in CASource :

Got a next day appointment for severe lower back pain. Took onsite xrays. Would highly recommend Dr Gidvani. He took a lot of time to explain not only his diagnosis, but how he actually reached his diagnosis.

Tina Molumphy, MD, EMG/NCS

Ron GriggsSource :

I came to see Dr Tina Molumphy back in 2007 with extreme pain when I was diagnosed with a chronic spinal disease. Because of her I was able to manage my pain and continue to function in my line of work which is very physical. Also over the years I have had other issues regarding joint pain which again she was successfully able to help control by sending me physical therapy advice through email or links through utube after my initial visit. As far as I'm concerned that's total DEDICATION! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs pain management to lead a healthy lifestyle. She's been a blessing for me.

Leelane Hines in Los Altos, CASource :

I have been seeing Dr. Molumphy for several years. She has helped me enormously. She hears what I say and explains things in a way I can understand. I have been sorry that she does not work 24/7, but she is available by phone in her off hours, and I have taken advantage of that. I am 80 years old and attribute my active lifestyle to her ministrations. Furthermore, her office staff is exceptionally. kind and courteous.

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