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Safe & Effective for Pediatrics 3D Printed Guidance System for Pedicle Screws for Treatment of Scoliosis

The Award-Winning FIREFLY provides a pre-surgical plan concierge that is created using a three-dimensional, exact replica of the patient’s spine. The 3D printed patient-specific guides mechanically constrain the drill and tap to follow the pre-selected trajectories.

Accuracy & Radiation Reduction

Every spine is unique, and every 3D printed FIREFLY Guide is customized to match each vertebra, Patient exact bone model is included. System is safe & effective for pediatric patients.

Efficiency & Affordability

Key Benefits

  • No Upfront Capital Expenditures (Single Use)
  • No Equipment Obsolescence
  • Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
  • No Intraoperative Fluoroscopy Required
  • Compatible with Virtually all Pedicle Screw Systems
  • FDA Cleared for use in Pediatrics and Adults

99.7% Accuracy

Jeffrey Kanel, MD, MS on FireFly:

“I have found Firefly to be an outstanding new tool in the treatment of scoliosis for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. It allows more efficiency and accuracy in our surgical treatment, increasing safety and improving outcomes. I am thrilled to be the first scoliosis surgeon in Northern California to be able to offer this treatment to our patients.”

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