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We’re Moving!

Mark your calendars everyone! Our previous Campbell & Los Gatos offices will be merging into one NEW location effective October 30th. Our new location will be located at: 340 Dardanelli Lane, Suite 10 Los Gatos, CA 95032.

May 4th, 8:00 am – 1:30 pm Joint Replacement Awareness Day!

Joint Replacement Awareness Day® is an online educational event for people suffering from joint pain and considering, planning, or having had hip or knee replacement surgery. We are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day® program to be held Saturday, May 4, 2019.

This event will bring together leading orthopedic surgeons, related clinicians and patients to share their knowledge and stories. You’ll learn everything you need to know pre-operatively and post-operatively that make joint replacement one of the most successful means of helping patients regain their quality of life and get back to activities that matter most to them. The ultimate goal of Joint Replacement Awareness Day®is to abate fear and dispel confusion and anxiety surrounding joint replacement surgery and provide the comfort patients such as yourself need to pursue treatment confidently.

We want you to be a part of this free public service educational event so SIGN UP for updates to the 2019 program and to watch the live streaming event on May 4, 2019.

We’ll see you there!

Jeffrey Kanel, MD, MS First to Use Latest Scoliosis Technology in Northern California

Safe & Effective for Pediatrics 3D Printed Guidance System for Pedicle Screws for Treatment of Scoliosis

The Award-Winning FIREFLY provides a pre-surgical plan concierge that is created using a three-dimensional, exact replica of the patient’s spine. The 3D printed patient-specific guides mechanically constrain the drill and tap to follow the pre-selected trajectories.

Accuracy & Radiation Reduction

Every spine is unique, and every 3D printed FIREFLY Guide is customized to match each vertebra, Patient exact bone model is included. System is safe & effective for pediatric patients.

Efficiency & Affordability

Key Benefits
– No Upfront Capital Expenditures (Single Use)
– No Equipment Obsolescence
– Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
– No Intraoperative Fluoroscopy Required
– Compatible with Virtually all Pedicle Screw Systems
– FDA Cleared for use in Pediatrics and Adults

99.7% Accuracy

Jeffrey Kanel, MD, MS on FireFly:
“I have found Firefly to be an outstanding new tool in the treatment of scoliosis for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. It allows more efficiency and accuracy in our surgical treatment, increasing safety and improving outcomes. I am thrilled to be the first scoliosis surgeon in Northern California to be able to offer this treatment to our patients.”

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Kevin Murray, MD, Team Physician for USA Hockey WJAC Wins Gold!

Last week, Dr. Murray traveled to Alberta, Canada for the USA Hockey World Junior A Championship as the Team Physician. After playing their hearts out, the team’s hard work paid off and they won Gold on Sunday, December 16! Dr. Murray not only won a Gold medal as a player earlier this year at the Senior World Hockey Tournament, but also a Team Physician with USA Hockey. What a year for Dr. Murray


Bonnyville, AB – Dec 13 2018 – Team USA during the 2018 World Junior A Challenge at the R.J. Lalonde Arena in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada (Photo: Matthew Murnaghan/Hockey Canada)

Dr. Abidi on Stanford Football Player, Bryce Love’s Ankle Injury

Dr. Nicholas Abidi

“Nicholas Abidi of OrthoNorCal said it takes more than immobilizing the ankle with medical tape because rushers ‘are literally exploding through and carrying people.’”

As college football players approach graduation, playing in the NFL is a common dream. Unfortunately, the fate of their athletic careers can often be determined by an accident, on or off the field, that could end it all. Many are questioning what the fate of Bryce Love’s football career has in store as he heals from a left ankle injury. However, Love isn’t too concerned as his goal is to become a Pediatrician and help undeserved communities. What is in store for Love’s future, medicine or the NFL?

To read the entire article, click here.

Richard Rothman, MD of the Rothman Institute Passes Away at 81

Richard Rothman, MD “…founded the Institute that bears his name in 1970 with only four employees in one office. Since that time Rothman Orthopaedic Institute has grown into a regional, national, and international orthopaedic destination with almost 200 physicians in more than 30 offices.”

Our physician, Nicholas Abidi, MD completed his Residency at the Rothman Institute. He has always had a special place for the Institute and Philadelphia in his heart.

Dr. Rothman has created an Institute that will continue to educate future orthopedists and bring excellent orthopedic care to future patients.

To read Dr. Rothman’s obitutary, click here.

Thomas Jefferson University Mourns the Loss of Dr. Rothman, read here.

Richard Rothman, MD. Founder of the Rothman Orthopedic Institute, read more here.

Sandeep Gidvani, MD Selected for SpineLine 20 Under 40 from the North American Spine Society (NASS)

Sandeep Gidvani was selected for the 2018 September/October issue of SpineLine 20 Under 40, a publication from the North American Spine Society (NASS). Dr. Gidvani has been a member of NASS since 2010. He is involved in the community, local schools, and the development of easier access to high quality education for healthcare professionals involved in spine care. To read more about Dr. Gidvani’s involvements, click here.

OrthoNorCal Welcomes Chris E. Casstevens, MD to the ONC Team!

Chris E. Casstevens, MD has joined OrthoNorCal as one of our Hand & Upper Extremity Specialists. He is accepting new patients and most insurances. He sees patients in our Capitola & Los Gatos offices. Call 831-475-4024 or 408-412-8100 to schedule. You can even make an appointment online from our homepage if that is more convenient than a phone call.

A brief bio about Dr. Casstevens:

He earned his Medical Degree from the Emory University School of Medicine in 2011.
His Residency was completed at the University of Cincinnati Medical center where he graduated with awards in Research and Basic Science.
He completed his Fellowship in Hand & Upper Extremity at the Unviversity of California, San Diego.

Stay tuned for his official bio page to come!

Eric Hohn, MD on “Orthopedic Injuries in Professional Surfers: A Retrospective Study at a Single Orthopedic Center”

Eric A. Hohn, MD

Orthopedic Injuries in Professional Surfers: A Retrospective Study at a Single Orthopedic Center Abstract

Literature regarding surfing injuries is scarce and most studies report a high number of minor injuries. Recent literature suggests that musculoskeletal injuries are more common than previously reported. In the mid 2000s, competitive surfing has seen an increase in aerial maneuvers, as they have become more highly rewarded by the judging panel, which may be contributing to a change in injury patterns. Our goal was to evaluate orthopedic injuries in professional surfers.

Orthopedic injuries in professional surfers are diverse and have evolved with skill and technology.

Study Design:
Retrospective observational study.

Level of Evidence:
Level 4 Case Series.

Medical records of professional surfers from a single orthopedic center between 1991 and 2016 were reviewed. Injuries sustained while surfing and chronic injuries related to surfing were included. Site of injury, diagnosis, and treatment were recorded along with demographic data.

In total, 163 injuries in 86 athletes were recorded. The median injury age was 28.5 years (range 12-62 years) and 92.6% of patients were male. The most frequently injured body parts were the knee (28.2%), ankle (22.1%), and shoulder (19%). Most knee injuries were of the medial collateral ligament at 49%, with 75% of ankle injuries being sprains, and in shoulder, 48% had instability, 42% had a rotator cuff tear, and 35% had a superior anterior–posterior labral tear. Lower extremity injuries primarily affected the surfers’ back leg (72.5%). In all, 34.6% of all injuries required surgical intervention and involved shoulder injuries most the time.

The most common orthopedic injuries in professional surfers involve the knee, ankle, shoulder, hip, and back. Surfers’ rear extremities were preferentially injured which is the extremity responsible for power and torque. Shoulder injuries increased the probability of an operative intervention. Last, overuse injuries (femoral-acetabular impingement, rotator cuffs) occurred in the older surf population compared with more acute injuries (ankle sprains/fractures, anterior cruciate ligament tears) which is also consistent with time to surgery.

For more information, click here.

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