We’ve started a segment on our social media platforms and website called “Joint of the Month.” Each month, we will highlight a different joint on the body and our physicians that are trained in caring for that joint. Doctors will be highlighted multiple times because many of our physicians have many different specialties. Follow us to keep up with our regular posts!

Kicking off the segment is Foot & Ankle!

Say hello to Dr. Erica Fisk, who is one of our Foot & Ankle specialists! Dr. Fisk graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2010. She completed her orthopedic residency at The Ohio State University. After that, she went on to Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to get her Fellowship in Foot & Ankle surgery. If you’d like to read more about Dr. Fisk, click the link, but stay tuned for more fun info to come! https://www.orthonorcal.com/our-doctors/erica-g-fisk-md/

Introducing one of our Foot & Ankle specialists, Dr. Nicholas Abidi. A brief tid-bit about him is that the went to the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and graduated in 1991. He completed his residency at The Rothman Institute at Jefferson. Lastly, he did his Fellowship in Foot & Ankle surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Howard Hughes Medical Institute Molecular Biology at the National Institutes of Health. If you’d like to read more about him, click the link to his bio page and stay tuned for more info!

Dr. Nicholas Abidi

As a part of “Joint of the Month,” we’ll be showing before and after x-rays of actual patients of the physicians! Take a look at Dr. Abidi’s case:

A local high school football player who believed that he sprained his ankle during a kickoff. Unfortunately, he had sustained a talar body fracture. These fractures are generally at a higher risk of non-union due to the poor blood supply to the talus. Due to his age, and acceptable alignment of the fracture, he had a non-operative treatment done through fiberglass casting. With the use of a custom brace, he is now able to walk comfortably, and looks forward to returning to play next season.

Before & After

This is a 48-year-old female who fell and twisted her left ankle. She sustained a complex intra-articular injury also known as a PILON fracture. These injuries can have as high as a 25% complication rate due to damage to the skin and joint surface.

Dr. Abidi was able to combine a minimally invasive percutaneous solution on the lateral side of the ankle which allowed him to perform a successful one stage solution to the severely damaged medial side of the ankle.

The patient has been able to heal the bone and soft tissues without incident and is able to perform all normal activities of daily living. This is a severe injury. Her future may require more surgery for hardware removal or arthritis, that will depend on part upon usage, weight and genetics. But so far, she has been set up for success given the initial injury and subsequent surgical management.

Before & After

50-year-old Professional Factory Team Motorcycle rider who originally sustained a talus fracture. He underwent appropriate surgical management at another center. A year post-op due to a lack of blood supply to the talus bone, he developed collapse and painful ankle and subtalar osteoarthritis. He underwent fusion of the ankle and subtalar joints at the same time using autogenous bone graft and synthetic recombinant PDGF-BB growth factor. After casting and bracing, he was able to get back on the motorcycle and back to work as an instructor and demonstration rider. Most recently, we had him fitted with an IDEO carbon graphite brace, which was developed for post-traumatic lower extremity blast injuries for soldiers. Look at him fly!

Before, After, & Now

This patient suffered from severe post traumatic ankle arthritis. Rather than ankle fusion surgery, Dr. Abidi performed a total ankle replacement, which allowed the patient to retain range of motion in her ankle. This patient is extremely grateful! After 6 months following her surgery, she is back to exercising, dancing, and working comfortably as a high school teacher.

Before & After

Stay Tuned! Next Month (June) – Elbow

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