Dr. Nicholas Abidi was a guest on Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio Show to speak about the Opioid Epidemic in the United States. Click the link to listen to the segment: www.metrofarm.com. (#1149: Managing Pain)

“In one year of the Opioid Epidemic– 2016– the United States lost more people than in did in the entire nineteen years of the Viet Nam War. And so we pause to ask…

Can we manage pain without killing ourselves with opioids?

Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio Show hosts orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Abidi, and palliative care specialist Dr. William Morris, for a conversation about managing pain.

Topics include the relationship of pain management and healing; why the United States lost control over its opioid use; and how doctors are now managing pain with and without opioids”


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