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MAKER Face Shield Masks

MAKER Face Shield Masks

MAKER Face Shield MasksMAKER Face Shield Masks

My name is Daniel Curry, I am currently a sophomore industrial design student at CSULB. I am the Co-Owner of an organization known as the Maker Society which began as a student organization at CSULB back in 2013. The Maker SOciety is now a 3D printing Lab currently based on the edge of Garden Grove run by a team of Current and former CSULB students. As a team of engineers and designers, we have been looking at how we may be able to contribute to the community during this unprecedented time of crisis. After discovering a significant need by hospitals for emergency personal protection equipment we began the process of 3D printing face shields for medical personnel in Southern California (images attached). We have already begun to fund the production of these shields through donations in the community and within the first 24 hours broke our initial $1000 goal. At $5 material cost per shield, this will allow us to produce 200 units for those who need them. However, as we have gotten in contact with local and non-local hospitals in California we have realized that the need for these is significantly greater so we are asking for help. Our goal is to minimize the expense medical facilities have to pay for these, which is why we are asking for donations.


1: Spread the word!

The more people we can get in contact with the better!

2: Help fund the production!

Our Gofundme is still active and can be found here

3: Donate materials!

If you have material which may be used in our production we need them


If you have access to laser cutting or 3D printing facilities we are setting up a system in which you can help by producing your components on your own fill out the form here

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