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How to Know You May be Ready for Knee Replacement Surgery

How to Know You May be Ready for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is considered when all available, non-operative treatments for knee arthritis have been tried without relieving the patient’s knee pain or improving their mobility. Non-operative alternatives to knee replacement surgery include pain medications; activity modifications; anti-inflammatory medications; arthroscopic joint debridement; joint realignment; physical therapy; bracing, and joint injections. Total knee replacement surgery is considered when knee pain and loss of mobility are severely affecting the quality of a person’s life.

Make the decision with your surgeon

After your orthopaedic evaluation, your surgeon will discuss alternatives with you. If x-rays show severe joint damage and no other means of treatment provides relief, total knee replacement may be recommended. Knee replacement is an elective procedure. If the pain becomes simply too much to bear, then, with your surgeon’s guidance, you’ll know when you are ready to consider knee replacement surgery.

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