If you are suffering from shoulder arthritis, you may find it harder to perform everyday activities like reaching for items in your cabinets, driving, and getting dressed. You will find that there are many assistive devices available that can help you perform your daily activities. You should also work with your doctor or occupational therapist to find specific gadgets that may help you work, play and live.


Reachers are one of the most popular assistive devices for people with shoulder arthritis. Reachers allow you to pick up something without having to reach or bend for it. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so you may want to test one before purchasing.

Getting Dressed

Several companies sell clothes designed for people with shoulder arthritis. You can find clothes with larger armholes so that your shoulder doesn’t have to stretch too far. In addition, you can purchase buttoning aids and zipper pulls to help you get dressed.


To save your energy and joints, if possible, use a car that has electric windows, mirrors, seats and power steering. There are now devices that allow you to automatically start the car and unlock the doors. If you find it difficult to turn the wheel, there are gadgets you can attach to the steering wheel making it easier to grip.

You can buy most of these assistive devices in department stores, medical supply stores, through specialized mail-order catalogs, or through medical assistance web sites.

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